Manufacturing Wood Chips

Wood Chips Manufacturing in Tamil Nadu


Wood Chips

  • Wood chips are small and medium sized wood pieces  from large woods in Amman Bio fuels we are selecting woods from well grown woods for maintenance thickness to make get more energy source from wood chips. We are a leading supplier of wood chips across TamilNadu, Andhra Pradesh,  and other parts of  India and other countries. Various clients across global uses of wood chips are major energy sources.
  • The raw materials of wood chips can be pulpwood, waste wood, and residual wood from agriculture, landscaping, logging, and sawmills. Woodchips can also be produced from remaining forestry materials including tree crowns, branches, unsaleable materials or undersized trees.
  • Our equipment can produce , wood chips typically have a longest dimension from 20-50 mm

Applications of Wood Chips

  • Gardening
  • For Industries as a solid heat energy
  • Bio Fuel